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Scorpio Tango SLK-03E Emulator

$ 35.00

Min. Order: 1 Pices

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BD 2 Y, 1 M

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Manufacturer: SCORPIO-LK
Condition: New

Note: requires activation SLK-03 maker.

Difference between SLK-0x (03,04,05,07) and SLK-0xE (03E,04E,05E,07E) emulators: - SLK-0xE (03E,04E,05E,07E) retain programmed data instead of reverting to default state if not powered.

Tango SLK03 emulator will collect the data from the Immobilizer unit of the vehicle for all Toyota & Lexus smart key system with DSTAES Page1 88 & DSTAES Page1 A8 Smart keys.

And it will allow you to create a master key on Tango SLK Red emulator, utilizing SLK-03 emulator, which further serves for diagnostic authorization for key addition, without need to replace or reset Toyota H immobilizer.

The function allows to solve Toyota smart key DST AES P1:A8, Toyota smart key DST AES P1:88 all keys lost, Lexus smart key DST AES P1:A8 & Lexus smart key DST AES P1:88, regardless of (EU/Asia/USA) market, During the Toyota SLK03 H emulator process, car data is not altered in any way.

Toyota DST AES Smart key is well known as Toyota H Smart key TMS37200

Tango Smart key SLK Emulator System requirements:

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