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bulk sms sending 16 ports usb gsm modem pool MTK support IMEI change and SMS sending/ receving bulk sms device

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BD 2 Y, 2 M

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Hot selling 16 ports usb gsm modem pool MTK support IMEI change and SMS sending/ receving bulk sms device

Each individual module can be demolished
Product Features
Just like 16 single-channel equipments work at the same time
can insert 16 SIM cards(big or small)
connection with the computer through a data line can be integrated with Serial 16
Each channel with separate power switch
Each individual module can be demolished
industrial chassis, elegant shell
Brief Introduction
The device built-in 16 wireless modules can be inserted 16 SIM cards, can use 16 cards to send text messages, send speed as 16 times as a single channel modem. It uses the development of MTK module, 220V power supply, can be a long time stability, generous luxury housing.
Main features:
1, industrial-grade chips, to ensure stable operation
2, switch independence, support for the size of SIM card
3, ports support hot-swapping;
4, a separate module can be demolished;
5, power lines and data lines are only one of the more simple;
6, the size of a small, elegant, accounting for a smaller space (the size of the computer keyboard is only about half the size), especially suitable for the use of multiple machines at the same time
A, system advantages:
Wireless GSM MODEM built on the broad masses of the personal needs of customers on the basis of the enterprises to meet the following requirements:
1, for the majority of customers the same or different delivery information;
2, promptly contact employees issued notices of meetings;
3, to avoid consuming a large number of enterprise human, material and information transfer on time;
4, to avoid high communication costs to be incurred in a month;
5, enterprises and customers (members) between the corporate partners, businesses and staff in the need for more exchanges.
B, the system features:
Send clusters: can be sent automatically to a large number of goals the same information.
Widely distributed: the geographical distribution of the target information widely scattered to support fast: after message, just a very short time can be transmitted to the target.
Convenience: the information through the portable phone to receive.
Accurate: the message can reach the goal of accurate and timely manner.
Exhaustive: the information sent by the computer system, significantly to avoid the artificial missing information.
Strong visibility: the way the text information to send and receive.
Economy: the reception of free information, send the cost of the SMS service provider in accordance with the rates, no long distance and roaming and other additional costs.
Time-saving and efficient: the same information can be sent at the same time to multiple targets; and can make use of multiple parallel processing terminal to send and receive text messages, thus saving a lot of time

Product Pictures
software 1
software 2software 3software 4software 5software 7software 6
 industrial chassis, elegant shell

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